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Martha Villac & Beto Bezerril - Translators of ISO 26000
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Our Prices

Our prices will depend upon the complexity of the translation (technical, semi-technical, or non-technical) as well as on project length and delivery deadlines. The price unit is charged by page, which is equivalent to 1,000 characters of text (without spaces), pursuant to JUCESP Resolution dated Jun 18th, 2019.

Sworn translations
Prices will vary dependent on length, urgency and document type pursuant to the Registry of Commerce fixed price list.

Ordinary texts: Translation into Port R$ 53.06/page; Translation into Engl R$ 65.79/page
Special texts: Translation into Port R$ 74.28/page; Translation into Engl R$ 91.26/page

Simple translations (non-sworn)
Prices range from R$ 65.00/page to R$ 85.00/page according to length, urgency and complexity.


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